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Process Serving & Legal Document Delivery

Process Serving with PDC means guaranteed document delivery

Do you need to be absolutely certain that someone has accepted delivery of a legal document? Is it essential that you have a document delivered directly to someone with proof of delivery that simply can’t be contested? Are you in search of someone to assure delivery in accordance with highly specific legislation? If so, then our Service of Process or Legal Process Serving is the solution you’ve been looking for.


Getting your documents to the right people in the right way

Service of Process or Legal Process Serving is all about getting summonses, complaints, writs or other legal documents delivered to the right people in the right way. Our Service of Process or Legal Process Serving enables you to:

  • Guarantee rapid and incontestable delivery throughout the UK.

  • Ensure delivery by a completely impartial party.

  • Respect legal requirements, irrespective of the area of service.

  • Obtain affidavits confirming delivery of your documentation.

If you’re in need of a Service of Process or Legal Process Serving to make sure your documents are delivered in accordance with your instruction and your legal obligations, why not get in touch right now? Our network of Private Investigators and trusted contacts means we can deliver (or serve) legal documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case located anywhere across the UK.


We follow all guidelines on document delivery in accordance with any legislation in the area of service.


Why you might want to avail of Service of Process or Legal Process Serving

If you need to give legal notice to an individual or a company you’ll be only too aware that the delivery of your notice requires specific treatment. To enable the court to exercise jurisdiction over a subject, your process needs to be delivered in the correct way. That’s where we come in. Our operatives are highly experienced and skilled in this area, so if you need to deliver a process, we can help.

How Service of Process or Legal Process Serving will help you

Service of Process is all about delivering a legal notice to the right person in the right way. Each different type of process has its own very specific rules regarding how it should be served and we are familiar with those rules. That said, one thing that service of process has in common irrespective of its type is that it must be served on the defendant personally (albeit in certain circumstances it can be served to an alternative person). This is because failure to respond to a delivered process could lead to the recipient being held in contempt of court. It’s for this reason, and your peace of mind that it’s important to recognise and respect that this area of expertise is highly regimented and must be followed to the letter. This is why our operatives provide the ideal solution; efficiently, professionally and with an abundance of experience.

If you need to serve a process, why not get in touch today so we can discuss what our Service of Process or Legal Process Serving might bring to your table? From a Bankruptcy Petition, a Witness Summons or a Divorce Petition our professional process servers can get your documents served in good time.

On receipt of your instruction we will follow through fully by completing our own affidavits and ensure expeditious delivery, nationwide.

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