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Process Serving

With process serving you have guaranteed document delivery

When your business serves a legal document on another company or an individual, you need to be absolutely certain that the correct protocols have been respected. You need to be able to prove without any doubt that the right person has taken delivery of the document.And you need to do all of this while working within the tight legislation that applies to your process. Thanks to the Private Detectives Corporation you can achieve all of these things at a price that won’t blow your business budget.

How does process serving work?


If you have a summons, a complaint, a writ or any other legal document that you need delivered to the right person in the right way, Service of Process or Legal Process serving is the solution. With Service of Process or Legal Process Serving you can be sure that your document is:

  • Delivered rapidly and incontestably to any UK location.

  • The party delivering your document is impartial.

  • Processed respecting legal requirements appropriate to the area of service.

  • Delivered with an affidavit of confirmation.


If you are in need of a Service of Process or Legal Process Serving service for your business, you’re in the right place. We will make sure your documents are delivered timeously to the right people and in the right manner. Why not get in touch today, so we can set the wheels in motion to have your delivery made? We will talk you through the process if it’s new to you, and if not, we will take your instruction and carry out your task efficiently and professionally.

At the Private Detectives Corporation we have the Service of Process or Legal Process Serving process off to a tee and guarantee that your documents are delivered in the correct way to the correct people. Why not get in touch now to find out more?

Service of Process or Legal Process Serving in action in your business


When your organisation needs to provide legal notice to a person or another business, you’re only too aware that there are procedures that need to be respected. If it’s something you do often, you no doubt have the process off to a tee, however if Service of Process or Legal Process Serving is new to your business, it’s good to know you can leave the detail to an expert.

In business, things are tough and you may sometimes feel as if you’re swimming against the tide. The last thing you need to be worrying about is whether or not you’ve served a process in the right way. You can leave that to us. We know only too well that each different type of process has its own specific rules and we know how each has to be served. We’ll take your documents and make sure they are served on the right person, at the right time and in the right way. Our operatives are highly skilled and experienced in Service of Process or Legal Process Serving and will take on this responsibility for you, leaving you to do what you do best; run your business.

If you need to serve a process, why not get in touch today to discuss our corporate Service of Process or Legal Process Serving service. On receipt of your instruction we will follow through fully by completing our own affidavits and ensure expeditious delivery, nationwide.

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