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Witness Statements

A witness statement is a written statement signed by a person which contains the evidence which that person would be allowed to give orally
Just the facts

Obtaining an effective witness statement relies on the right approach and asking the right questions from the start. Irrespective of whether you need a witness statement for use in a criminal or a civil proceeding, it's important to establish both the truth and the facts. Doing this requires careful skill and expertise, which is why we employ only the most skilled operatives.

What’s involved?

A witness statement is a record of evidence provided by someone in their own words. The final document will describe what the witness saw, heard or felt and will feature their signature to confirm that what they have said is true.

Making sure witnesses understand the purpose of a witness statement is an important part of the statement making process. Ideally witness statements should be gathered as soon as possible after the event in question to ensure that events are fresh in the mind of the witness and also to obtain the pertinent information before they have had the opportunity to discuss their evidence with other people.

Facilitating cooperation of a witness takes patience and skill and all our operatives are fully trained in this area of expertise.

If you’d like to find out more about our witness statement collecting service, why not get in touch today for a completely no obligation chat?

The importance of a good witness statement

Securing a witness statement is an important part of your evidence gathering process and obtaining an accurate, truthful and unprompted statement takes skill and experience. It may well be that you’ve been involved in some sort of accident or incident and you need witness statements to support your case.

When it comes to preparing and collecting witness statements it’s important that the person taking the statement is highly trained in the whole witness statement process to ensure the best result. This process includes:

  • Preparing the right questions.

  • Carrying out the interview in a calm and professional manner.

  • Asking the right questions in the right way to obtain truthful responses.

  • Recording witness responses in their own words.


If you are in need of a witness statement, why not get in touch? Our skilled operatives will be able to plan, arrange and carry out the necessary steps to get the statement you need. Call us confidentially on 0800 043 6667 or alternatively click here to send an e-mail to one of our Private Investigators.

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