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Corporate Background Checks

Make the right decisions with corporate background checks

Irrespective of whether you're looking to merge, acquire or recruit, the right corporate or business background check will provide you with some of the essential information you need to make sure you make the right decisions.

If you are in search of a sound overview of either a business or an individual before you decide to take over, join ranks with or recruit, then a background or due diligence report will provide you with some of the essential elements of the jigsaw puzzle to enable you to move ahead confidently.

Due diligence reports and background checks for business


If you're in a situation whereby you feel as if you'd like to, or need to know more about a potential employee or a business before taking the next step in your strategy, a background check is the ideal way to put your mind at ease. Carried out with the utmost discretion and sensitivity, background checks for businesses and individuals allow you to:

  • Check out a potential or existing employee before shortlisting them or selecting them for your vacancy.

  • Establish the financial situation and credit standing of a business you're interested in teaming up with through either a merger or a take-over.

  • Determine the reliability and, or character of key employees in a business which has attracted your attention.

  • Ascertain any legal threats or implications to a business you're interested in, or check out the criminal background of an individual as part of a pre-selection process.


If you want to discuss the possibility of a background check or due diligence study to enable you to make the right decisions for your business, why not get in touch right now? We'll help you decide whether or not this is the most effective way for you to achieve your unique objectives.


At Private Detectives Corporation we're here and ready to have a free of charge, no-obligation chat with you. At the end of that chat, you'll be able to choose the best way forward for you and your business. What's more, if for some reason we think you don't need us, we'll be the first to tell you! Contact us today to find out more.

Why avail of a corporate background check?

If you're considering teaming up with another business, it's one thing to look at the information they have provided you with and the information you've uncovered yourself, but it's another to do a thorough and in-depth background check. Operating history, key player background, false accounting and undeclared activities are only a few of the things you might want from a corporate background check or due diligence exercise.

The information uncovered in this process will enable you to take an impartial and informed view of the business that has attracted your attention, enabling you to move ahead with all your bases covered.

If you're thinking of employing someone into a key position in your organisations, CVs and references are only part of the recruitment jigsaw puzzle. Making the right decision from the growing number of apparently suitable candidates in this day and age requires commitment, focus and at times, creativity. A background check or due diligence study on an individual will provide you with the insight you need to confirm or deny your initial choices.

If you think your business would benefit from finding out more about another business or an individual that you plan to get involved with, why not get in touch? After all, it costs nothing to chat.

Background checks will help you make the right business decisions

At Private Detectives Corporation our investigators will work with you to listen to your needs and concerns, enabling us to establish the right kind of background check or due diligence exercise for your unique business situation. There are any number of companies who offer standard background checks for a relatively small fixed fee. While in some cases this might be all you need (and we'll be the first to tell you if it is), it's a real pity to assume that this sort of check will necessarily give you all the information you need to make an informed and confident decision.


If you want to be sure of making the right business decisions regarding recruitment, acquisition or merger, why not get in touch today so we can discuss what a background check might bring to your table? After all, it costs nothing to talk and, if this isn't the most appropriate solution for you, you never know, we may well be able to help you find a more suitable alternative.

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