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Relationship Investigations

Worried about infidelity or cheating? Need answers to your suspicions? We can help. Relationship investigations for the peace of mind you’re looking for

If you suspect that your partner may be involved with someone else; if you think he or she may be cheating on you, the chances are you’ve done all you can to put your mind at ease. If you still have suspicions and need to either prove or disprove your suspicions, you’re in the right place.

Finding out what you need to know

While taking the decision to start a relationship investigation is never easy, it will ultimately provide you with the information you know you need. In this day and age, more and more divorce proceedings are relying on private detectives to provide the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of infidelity or suspicious behaviour, so if you need to get to the bottom of what you think might be going on, read on...

  • Do you think your partner is cheating on you?

  • Has your partner 'lost interest'?

  • Has your partner’s behaviour recently changed?

  • Has their daily routine changed?

These are just some of the triggers that might have led you to think that your partner could be cheating on you. Although there are any number of other reasons for these changes in behavior, they do often suggest some form of infidelity or deception.

If you have reason to believe that your husband, wife or partner may be seeing someone else, we understand how difficult that can be. We will do all we can to find out the information you need to be able to move forward. Why not get in touch today to tell us your fears and your worries? When we’re more familiar with your situation, we’ll help you find the best solution. What’s more, if we think you don’t need us, we’ll be the first to let you know.


Taking the first step

Irrespective of whether your partner has been acting suspiciously or you suspect he or she might be seeing someone else, there are normally triggers that lead you to this conclusion. Explaining those triggers can be difficult, but it’s essential that you share the reasons for your suspicions with us so we can begin to understand the full picture.


Once you have decided to take the first step, you’ll discover that making that first call isn’t nearly as hard as you’d imagined, because first and foremost our operatives are human beings. Not only are we experienced in relationship investigations, but we’ve lived life too, so we know how hard it can be. What’s more, all our people are highly professional in their approach and trained to listen to you and to find the most appropriate solution for you and your unique situation. We have highly skilled male and female investigators who are accustomed to speaking and listening to people who are going through a tough time. Experienced in matrimonial and personal investigations, they are sensitive and caring and work with the highest level of discretion at all times.

If you’ve been worrying about infidelity or suspicious behaviour, today is the day to start the process of putting your mind at ease, even if you don’t decide to go any further right now. The first step is to contact us and see where it goes from there. Once we’ve familiarised ourselves with your unique situation, we’ll be able to help you formulate a plan of where to go from here. And it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.


Why relationship investigation is the best way forward

Living in doubt can eat away at your confidence, your self-esteem and your ability to live a normal life. Worrying that you may be the victim of infidelity weighs heavily and can start to consume you. Assuming you’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities of finding a solution alone, now is the time to take the next step in putting your mind at ease.

Our relationship investigators will work with you to establish your precise fears and suspicions and will formulate a plan of action to either prove or disprove your thoughts. We will help you gain a clearer picture of what may or may not be going wrong in your relationship, allowing you to gather the information you need to make decisions for yourself.

A recent survey of leading law firms recently revealed that private detectives were employed in half the divorce proceedings in the UK, as wives or husbands tried to establish whether the spouse was having an affair or acting suspiciously. You are not alone nor in a minority in considering pursing this method of enquiry.

Be it a matrimonial or personal issue we will always do our best to help. We can utilise both male and female investigators in our investigations, which includes matrimonial and divorce investigation, as may best suit the situation. You will find us sympathetic listeners with helpful solutions, there is no obligation to proceed further should you decide against any investigation.

If you are living with the constant worry that your partner may be cheating on you, you owe it to yourself to take steps to put your mind at ease. Why not get in touch today for a confidential and completely no-obligation discussion? We can have an initial chat to agree the best way forward and if, for some reason, you decide that relationship investigation isn’t for you after all, then nothing is lost.

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