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Asset Searches

Private Detectives Corporation is frequently asked to perform hidden asset searches and investigation on behalf of its clients

Conducting an Asset Search prior to undertaking legal actions against a debtor or opponent is often a good precaution to judge their worth before pursuing a case.

If you are going through a divorce and suspect that your partner may have hidden their true worth from you and you need to find out, you’re in the right place. The Private Detectives Corporation are accustomed to working with separating or divorcing parties who have reason to believe that assets may have been hidden in order to avoid payment of what’s due.

Working to track down assets that may have been hidden from you


If you’re going through a divorce or formal separation, you’ll be suffering your fair share of stress, but it’s important to make sure that all bases have been covered when it comes to establishing the true value of your partner’s assets. If you suspect that all isn’t as it seems, there may well be assets that have either been hidden or have not been declared. So, if you need to:

  • Establish the extent of deceit in non-disclosure matters.

  • Identify the owner of luxury items.

  • Locate properties owned in your partner’s name.

  • Trace missing funds.

  • Establish the identifying owner of luxury items.

  • Determine the true value of offshore assets.

Then you’re in the right place. At the Private Detectives Corporation we work with you to establish a true and full picture of the assets of your subject. We can help you determine precisely their asset base, so you can base your negotiations on the true facts.


If you suspect assets may have been hidden from you, why not get in touch today to find out what we can do to help. After a no-obligation discussion, we’re confident that you’ll be able to decide the best way forward for you.


We are happy to provide free, no obligation quotations. Call us confidentially on 0800 043 6667 or alternatively click here to send us an e-mail.

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Why locating assets is important

More and more people are attempting to hide assets from their loved ones in the fear that they’ll be taken to the cleaners in a separation settlement. If you are in the process of negotiating a divorce settlement and you suspect your partner hasn’t put all his or her cards on the table, now is the time to take action. There’s little point leaving those suspicions to chance. In order make sure your settlement is fair and acceptable, you need to know what you’re dealing with. It is our job to establish the whereabouts of assets that you fear may be being hidden from you so you can determine what your rights might be.

We will work to determine a full financial picture of the wealth of your subject, so you can base your negotiations on the facts as they stand. With settlements of this nature, you only get one bite at the cherry, so it’s essential that you’re happy that everything has been included which should be included. In order to find out more about our asset search and location service, contact us today to arrange a no-obligation discussion.

Making sure you get what’s rightfully yours

In many cases, assets are hidden initially for tax reasons or for other financially beneficial motives, but irrespective of the reason for hiding assets, non-disclosure of assets during divorce proceedings (when asked to do so) is against the law.

Tracking down hidden assets is something that takes skill and tenacity. We have the skill and tenacity to establish the whereabouts and the value of assets that may have been hidden. Once we have established the location of the assets, we can either work with your solicitor or provide appropriate court evidence in order for you to progress your claim.

It’s essentially that you get what’s rightfully yours when you are negotiating a divorce or a separation and the location of hidden assets plays an important part in this process. Get in touch today for a completely no-obligation discussion about how we can go about tracking down assets that you fear may have been hidden.

An Asset Search can reveal the true financial position of an individual which can often be quite different to how the situation first appears.

We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance in investigations of this nature and we always operate with discretion and caution. Our connections and contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world are often invaluable in this kind of investigation.

Be it a case involving the filing of a legal case in an attempt to recover assets, the recovery of misappropriated funds or a personal relationship matter please be assured that our experienced investigators have the methods and the skills to complete a very thorough and accurate search.

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