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Fraud/Scam Investigations

We provide a wide range of investigation services and are skilled in obtaining documented evidence of fraud.

Have you been the victim of fraud?

Fraud today is rife and often results in financial loss and even death. By definition, fraud involves misrepresentation and intent to deceive. If either an individual or an organisation has made false claims or has taken actions, that in your view are misrepresentative or deceptive, then you’re likely to need evidence to either support or disprove your suspicion.

Why stopping fraud is important, for everyone

If you think you’ve been the victim of fraud, you owe it to yourself and to other potential victims to get to the bottom of your suspicion. Irrespective of the nature of the fraud you suspect, we’ll work with you to:

  • Establish the nature of the fraud that has occurred.

  • Gather together the evidence required to enable us to investigate.

  • Carry out wider investigations to establish the detail of the situation.

  • Provide you with the evidence you need to escalate your suspicion to a claim.


Being the victim of fraud can lead you to become overly suspicious and nervous of everything and everyone around you, making your life difficult to bear. If you have been the victim of fraud and you’ve done all you can alone to obtain the right outcome, but have so far failed, it’s time to hand the matter over to a professional.

Contact us today for a completely no-obligation confidential discussion about how we can help you obtain the evidence you need to prove that you have been the victim of fraud.

Taking the next step

There are any number of types of fraud and to establish the right course of action for your case, we need to know the facts. Fraud and lying are completely different, although often confused. Essentially fraud involves lying, but also involves financial gain or causing physical or emotional hurt. Fraud investigations by their very nature are complex affairs and the more information you can provide about your unique situation the better.

Because we know that this can be a stressful process for you, we make sure that all our investigators are not only highly trained in fraud investigation, but that they’re also compassionate and caring individuals that will help you through the process of proving your case.

If you have been a victim of fraud and you’re ready to take the next step in tracking down the necessary evidence to build your case, get in touch today. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make progress once you have the right people on board.

What happens next?

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll work with you to establish a full and factual understanding of the situation and it’s upon this foundation that we’ll base our strategy. We’ll work to get you the result you need and want in the shortest possible time, paying respect to your desired outcome and your budget at the same time. Once we have the evidence you need, we can either provide that evidence to your solicitor or directly to the court, whichever is most appropriate in your particular case.

Today’s the day to move your fraud suspicion ahead. Get in touch now so we can reassure you of the best way to go.

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