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Digital Forensic

Our examiners use EnCase Forensic equipment, the best law-enforcement grade cutting-edge technology to provide court standard evidence reports

Information that can be retrieved from a phone include contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs, location information and more.

Are you in need of evidence or proof of someone's mobile phone or computer activities? Do you need to know where someone has been; who they have been communicating with or which internet sites they have been visiting? Irrespective of where in the world your subject has been, or the efforts they have made to cover their tracks, personal phone and data forensics could provide the essential evidence you've been hoping for.

Retrieving data using phone and data forensics


Mobile phone and computer forensics is all about obtaining and interpreting the valuable data to be found on digital devices and computers. Enabling the retrieval, analysis and examination of data found on or recovered from mobile phones or computers, mobile phone and computer forensics will allow you to:

  • Establish a contact list used by your subject.

  • Identify calls made and received from the device in question.

  • View SMS and email messages sent and received.

  • Access diaries and action lists.

  • Determine internet sites frequented by the user.

  • Scrutinise images, video clips and audio recordings taken and made by the owner of the device.

  • Retrieve (in some cases) data that may appear deleted to the user.

If you want to discuss the possibility of using mobile phone or computer forensics to obtain the evidence you’ve been searching for, why not get in touch right now? An experienced Private Investigator will talk you through how it works and give you the confidence to make the right decision for your goals.

Why you might need mobile phone, data or computer forensics

If you suspect that an employee or a key player in your business may be involved in activities which are counter productive, evidence can often be thin on the ground. It could well be that they’re making great efforts to cover their tracks and you have perhaps exhausted the more direct ways of obtaining the information and evidence you need? Information recovered from mobile phone and, or computer forensics can often make or break a case. There’s a veritable wealth of information retained on both computers and mobile devices and this type of data collection, preservation and analysis can prove to be a real honey-pot of evidence to support or disprove a suspicion you have about an employee or a key player in your business.

If you’d like to find out more about the mobile phone and computer usage activities of someone in your organisation, please get in touch.

How mobile phone, data or computer forensics could help you


At Private Detectives Corporation we work with you to listen to your needs and concerns, enabling us to establish the right kind of mobile phone and, or digital forensics for your unique business issue. Whether you simply need information about someone’s whereabouts, or you’re in need of more detail about who they’ve been communicating with or what their intentions are, the solution may well be found in this area of forensics. If you have further questions about digital forensics investigations and what can realistically be achieved please contact us to discuss the problem at hand.

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