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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tracking the movements of a vehicle with a GPS device is a highly cost effective method of gathering information and provides an invaluable aid to mobile covert surveillance.

WARNING: Trackers must not be used for illegal purposes

Vehicle Tracking Services in the UK

Do you need evidence of the whereabouts of a vehicle? Do you need information about the routes taken or the locations visited by someone? Are you keen to prove a point and need corroborative evidence to back up your claim? If so, GPS vehicle tracking could be just what you need. In most cases, trackers are legally (in the UK - please check for your country) used as an aid to surveillance, but there may occasions when they can be legally used on their own. 


What is GPS vehicle tracking?

GPS vehicle tracking is a clever system used to monitor and record the journeys made and locations visited by one or more vehicles, providing indisputable evidence of movements undertaken. GPS vehicle tracking is:

  • A reliable, discrete and effective way of establishing the movements of one or more cars, vehicles or drivers.

  • The perfect way of monitoring the comings and goings of one or more individuals.

  • A technology based solution to establish the whereabouts of a vehicle.

  • A great way to have a visual image of the places visited and the routes taken by your subject.

  • One of the most cost effective surveillance options.


Our covert systems are simple to install and can monitor vehicle locations 24 hours a day for several days at a time. Our Private Investigators can deal with installation and collection of a device should this be something you would be more comfortable with. The device will then provide a detailed log of times, routes and locations visited. The reports we can then provide via our software can be overlaid onto maps to show routes taken, places visited and the time spent at each and every place.

If you want to discuss the possibilities of using GPS vehicle tracking, why not get in touch right now? We think you’ll be impressed by our impartial and straightforward approach.

At the Private Detectives Corporation we’re here and ready to have a free of charge, no-obligation chat with you. Contact us today to establish your options. Call us on 0800 043 6667 or click here for our contact page.

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