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Bug Sweep/Techincal Surveillance Counter-measures (TSCM)

If you're concerned about your privacy or if you think you may be under surveillance we can help

Bug sweeping equipment

Bug sweep/TSCM services

Our Private Investigators can offer discreet and confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance services to private individuals or to organisations who suspect that they may be under surveillance or want to ensure their privacy.

The easy availability of audio and video surveillance bugs from internet retailers has made it relatively easy for someone to either monitor your conversations, to monitor you visually or even to track your movements. Our professional and effective counter surveillance service can ensure your privacy and keep you safe and secure.


If you’re worried that someone might be monitoring your conversations or movements or watching you, we can establish the situation for you. We can help you protect your privacy and help you to stay safe and secure.

What is a bug sweep/counter-surveillance?

If you suspect that someone might be monitoring your whereabouts or your conversations, we can provide a thorough bug sweeping and counter-surveillance exercise to either prove or disprove your suspicions.

  • Electronic bug sweeping can be used in your home, in your vehicle or on your telephone line to detect any devices that may have been installed without your knowledge.

  • Thorough physical examinations back up this electronic sweep.

  • This combination of bug sweeping and physical examinations allows us to detect and remove audio and video surveillance bugs, as well as active and passive bugging devices that may be being used to monitor your activities or to compromise your safety.


If you would like to discuss the possibilities of using bug sweeping to reassure you, why not get in touch right now? We think you’ll be impressed by our impartial and straightforward approach.

IMPORTANT: if you think your privacy may be compromised right now we’d advise you to contact us either by phone or by email away from the area in which you suspect you’re being targeted.

The Private Detectives Corporation can arrange for a comprehensive electronic sweep of any premises, home, telephone line or vehicle. This together with a thorough physical examination of the location will detect any devices tracking you, be it a listening device or visual surveillance equipment. The sweeping equipment we use utilise's the very latest digital technology. We are able to detect the presence of both active and passive bugging devices, visual monitors and keystroke logging mechanisms. We continuously review our practices and our equipment in order to keep abreast of new developments in the surveillance and counter surveillance field.

To ensure ongoing security, some of our corporate clients schedule regular TSCM inspections in order to be assured that they are operating in a continued secure and private environment.

If you are contacting us and do have existing concerns about your privacy we advise you call/email us from a location apart from the suspected target area. Call us on 0800 043 6667. At the Private Detectives Corporation we are here and ready to have a free of charge, no-obligation chat with you.

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