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Fraud & Scam Investigations

More and more businesses are finding themselves victim of fraud by both senior members of their team and employees alike and other types of scam.

Nowadays, we are finding that the Police are so overwhelmed with fraud cases, in most cases, there is little they can do.


Corporate and business fraud is on the rise. If you suspect that someone on the inside is compromising your business in some way, it's time to find out the truth and to take action.

Independent corporate fraud investigation – how it works

If you think one of your employees or indeed board members may be guilty of fraud, it's certainly not time to sit back and accept it. The current economic climate is tough enough without losing out to people who should be on your side. It may be that you suspect someone of misusing company resources or stealing company assets or property; or it could be that you consider that expenses claims may be false or fraudulent. Either way, it's time to find out. An independent corporate fraud investigation will allow you to:

  • Avail of covert surveillance both within your business and outside.

  • Carry out impartial and professional interrogations and interviews with parties you suspect may be involved.

  • Analyse mobile phone and computer usage to provide additional evidence.

  • Make use of video, photographic and data evidence.


Our operatives are highly trained in carrying out independent corporate fraud investigations and have both the investigative skills and the personal skills to either help you prove your point or put your mind at ease. No matter what the outcome, you owe it to yourself to leave no stone unturned in your establishment of whether or not your business is under threat by a fraudster.

We provide a wide range of investigation services and are skilled in obtaining documented evidence


Our Investigators have a wide and varied experience in conducting investigations into fraud including employee fraud, misuse of company resources, theft of both assets and property and fraudulent disbursement/insurance/expense claims.


If you need our help please do call us today on 0800 043 6667.

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