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Witness Statements for Businesses

Getting corporate witness statements right


If you have an ongoing investigation in your business or organisation, getting the right corporate witness statements will play an essential part in making sure you get the right outcome. Corporate fraud and corporate misdoings are increasing in volume day in and day out and irrespective of whether you are dealing with a civil or a criminal act, getting your corporate witness statements spot on is essential.

Effective witness statements are based on asking the right questions


Getting your corporate witness statement right relies on the right approach and asking the right questions. Our operatives are conversant and experienced in the workings of business and know the questions to ask to establish the truth and the facts. They have the skills and the tenacity to collect the information you need to prove or disprove your point. They will work with you to:

  • Establish precisely the nature of the suspicion you have or situation your business is facing.

  • Prepare the right questions.

  • Interview the correct people, using the right approach.

  • Record the witness statements accurately and in the words of the witness.


If you need a corporate witness statement, please do in touch. Our highly skilled operatives will work with you to plan, arrange and carry out the necessary steps to obtain the evidence you need from the right people within your business, and outside if necessary.

What does obtaining a corporate witness statement involve?


Like any other witness statement, a corporate witness statement calls for patience and professionalism on the part of the person gathering the statement. Success of a witness statement is built on knowing the right questions to ask, asking them in the right way and addressing them to the right people.

By working closely with you, our operatives can make sure that all bases are covered and that their line of questioning is perfectly honed to obtain the information you need.

Add to this the fact that our operatives are fully trained in taking corporate witness statements and you can rest assured that this is the way to go. Essentially the corporate witness statements we will gather will be accurate and precise records of what your witnesses saw, heard and felt; all backed by the witness’ signature to confirm the verity of what they have said. We work to make sure that all parties involved in the corporate witness statement process understand the importance of what they are doing and saying and where possible, work to collect statements as soon after the event as possible.

Our business is in fact and truth and in the Witness Statements we gather we aim to focus on the relevant parts of that truth in order to best serve the case in hand. If you would like to discuss your situation or investigation, in complete confidence, please make contact with us on 0800 043 6667 from within the UK or +44 20 3675 0493 from elsewhere in the world.

If your business is in need of corporate witness statements, why not get in touch? At the Private Detectives Corporation we can help you obtain the information you need to prove or to disprove your case.

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